Your First Day of School

CU Denver

Most students are pretty excited and anxious their first day of classes. It is very similar to your first day of elementary school, middle school, or high school but a little more intense since your mom won’t be there to take a picture of you as you walk out the door. All your classes will be in different buildings, there are more people taking the same classes with you, and there is the possibility that you may walk into the wrong class. Don’t worry, that last part happens to the best of us!

You may wonder what your first day of classes at CU Denver will entail. I cannot tell you exactly what it is going to be like but I can give you some hints and tips to help make your first days at CU Denver both smooth and memorable.

1. Before your first day of classes, walk the campus to figure out where your classes will be. This will help ensure you don’t have too many surprises on your first day. Also, bring a campus map with you!

2. While you are out planning your tour of buildings for your classes, stop in the Tivoli Student Union and grab your student ID and your RTD College Pass.

3. Go to your UCDAccess Portal and print off your schedule so that you have it with your during those first couple of days. I would do this the day before classes just in case your classrooms change.

4. Make sure that you at least have notebooks and writing utensils with you (or a computer/tablet) to take those first day notes. Sometimes, professors add some thins to the class curriculum but did not update their syllabus.

5. College classes tend to throw a lot of assignments at you with various due dates so it might be beneficial to start putting those due dates into a planner.

6. Campus Village Apartments will hold a lot of social events to kick off the year, so ATTEND them! Making friends can be hard on a large campus, and these events will help you meet and make new friends!

7. Take in the atmosphere at CU Denver! Enjoy downtown Denver with your friends, old or new. This will help you transition to the college lifestyle.

Hopefully these tips will help ease any anxiety on your first day of classes at CU Denver!

Mel – Senior Biology Student at CU Denver 

November 8, 2013 | Student Life, Uncategorized