The Tivoli is Expanding

University of Colorado Denver

Exciting changes are happening at CU Denver’s College of Arts and Media. The school is currently underway with its most historic expansion project to date, developing completely new spaces and significantly broadening the school’s reach across campus. An ambitious plan to expand CAM’s physical presence, the project began with the help of a professional space study firm. “The analysis we received helped guide our vision for the type of physical environment we needed to reach our full potential and provide the best possible educational environment for our students,” noted Dan Koetting, Chair of the Department of Theatre, Film & Video Production and a member of the expansion committee. The new spaces will expand CAM’s reach across the entire campus with offices and classroom space extending to the King Center, 14th Street and even a complete renovation of the Tivoli Lower Level Starz Theater space.

The Tivoli renovation may be the most exciting and ambitious component of CAM’s planned expansion as it will reach across the entire lower level of what once was home to the Denver Film Society, spanning the space of 6 movie theaters in total. The vision is to provide a completely innovative new space for CAM students and faculty to interact with different focused groups within the department.  The renovation will be complete with a professional production company space, dubbing stage, TV studio, editing labs, screening room’s, concept spaces, community areas, meeting rooms and even a stage. “It’s an exciting time,” noted Koetting. “This will be one of the most important periods of growth in CAM’s history and we can’t wait to see the final results.” Expansion will begin in early 2015 with final Tivoli renovation projected to be completed in the fall.

December 17, 2014 | Admissions, Campus Tour