11 Roommates You Meet in College and What They’re Studying

College Students In The Dormitory

The article “11 Roommates You Might Have Your Freshman Year of College” was originally posted on DormDelicious.com earlier this year and we found it to be pretty hilarious. We went through the list and figured out how these roommates turned out the way they are because of what they are studying.

11. The Oversleeper
The Oversleeper is most likely studying Civil Engineering because let’s face it, you would try to sleep in too if you were up studying until 2 am every night!

10. The Musician
This Singer/Songwriter Music Major has to practice around the clock in order to take their act to a world-class, professional level.

9. The Health Nut 
Because they’re preparing for a career in health, this student works hard at maintaining a healthy lifestyle that they can pass on to their future patients.

8. The 27-Year-Old Canadian Hockey Player
Colorado has some of the best winter sports around, so of course he’s decided to go to the University of Colorado Denver to get his teaching degree. Once he graduates he can pursue his dream of coaching little league.

7. The Party Pooper
Party Pooper? More like exhausted Law Studies student. This poor lady knows what it’s going to take to get into law school and doesn’t have time to mess around.

6. The Hipster
Art History major, need we say more?

5. The Bro
It’s all about networking! This Business Major knows who’s who and has made all the right connections. *high five*

4. The Slob
Sure the room’s a mess, but it’s an organized messed. You see, this Sculpture student has a knack for turning even the most unappealing material into art.

3. The Lightweight
Sure everyone gets excited for their 21st birthday, but Nursing students know that after one to two drinks it’s time to call it a night and head to bed.

2. The Party Animal
Architecture students love a good weekend of dancing, socializing and even extreme sports. Because let’s face it, if you had to stare at renderings all week you would want to blow off some steam too.

1. Your Best Friend
Sometimes you hit the jackpot and end up living with the coolest person on campus – your best friend. This person is usually in the same college studying the same courses as you, but not always!