Internships and Research = Resume and Application Builder

CU Denver ELC

A lot of students come to college and expect to breeze through, grab their degree and have a job waiting for them. I hate to break it to you but that’s not how is works. If a student wants a job waiting for them, they have to do so much more with their collegiate career. To go along with a student’s academic career, many take internships, volunteer work, undergraduate research, and community involvement. Imagine how much better your resume will look with those on it!

CU Denver offers all of those opportunities. These positions can either boost your name and resume in a job market or put you above and beyond others in the brutal application process known as Medical School Admission. It is obvious that these can help you, but how do you obtain these positions?

Let me tell you how I got my internship. I am going to start with one word: Networking. It all started when I injured my knee playing basketball, which forced me to see my doctor. I was able to talk to my doctor at the physical therapy clinic and he suggested I start shadowing and working with him to see the other end of the doctor-patient relationship. I took his advice and ended up gaining an internship with the clinic. My internship involves doing a lot of simple therapy techniques on willing patients such as ultrasound therapy and learning the business of running a small clinic. My story is a great example of how networking can help in obtaining an internship or undergraduate research position.

If you think you need help in the networking category, then we actually have an entire office dedicated in helping students find those internships, undergraduate research positions and community involvement. How convenient is that? This office is called the Experiential Learning Center. The ELC offers orientations to help guide you through picking a position and even has a whole database of positions for you to apply to! You will have your own advisor as you go through the process of applying, resume writing, cover letter help and even interview help if the position calls for it. They are there to make sure that your resume or application for jobs or graduate school look amazing!

The days of just taking classes, grabbing your degree from the chancellor on a nice, spring day and having a job waiting for you are over. But CU Denver has the resources and the tools you need to have a successful college experience that will lead to a career.

Mel – Senior Biology Student at CU Denver