How Your RA Can Improve Your College Experience

iStock_000035113470_LargeYour Residence Assistant can be much more than the person who checks you in and out of your dorm. They are there to help residents with anything you need while living on campus. Remember, they are students too! Here are a few things among many an RA can help with:

  1. Course selection – Your RA goes to classes just like any other student. They may know the ins and outs of a certain department or be able to give you details about a specific professor’s teaching style.
  2. Extracurricular – Are they in any clubs you might be interested in? You could discover an opportunity you didn’t know existed. And now you know at least one person there!
  3. Holidays – Knowing your RA a little better can make it easier to ask for a better check out time when it comes to leaving for break.
  4. Campus events – Chances are, your RA has been through it before. They will be in the know about which events are so popular you may want to get there early, or which ones are not-to-miss experiences.
  5. Dorm selection – When it comes time to pick a room for next year, your RA will be able to give you the real pros and cons of each spot and may know an RA in a different dorm who can give you a tour!
  6. Food – Where can you get some sustenance for a late night study session or the best pick-me-up breakfast the morning after? Your RA probably has the answer.

Whatever your concern, remember to consider your RA. They can help you with a lot more than you might think!