Geek Out Over Chemistry

CU Denver Admissions

At CU Denver, our Department of Chemistry offers a minor in chemistry, Bachelor of Science degrees, and Master’s degrees in chemistry. It’s safe to say that here at CU Denver, we love science.

Often called the “central science”, a chemistry background is a powerful tool to launch you into your career. A degree in chemistry provides a solid foundation for further study in other related fields such as biochemistry, pharmacology, environmental science, geology and chemical engineering, all of which require a substantial chemistry background. Chemistry also provides a solid background for medicine and related fields such as dentistry and pharmacy.

Earning your chemistry degree is anything but boring. Our faculty members in the Chemistry Department are committed to bringing both professional experience and academic know-how to the classroom. Professors and instructors often work to stay relevant and groundbreaking by continuing to advance their fields through research and outcome-driven projects. Many are nationally and internationally recognized for their work. Learn more about our faculty here.

If you’re looking for a hands-on experience, consider CU Denver for your chemistry degree. For more information about our Department of Chemistry, click here.