Freshman Application – Steps and Guidance

Sept. 2, 2011

So, you have officially made it to your senior year of high school! Let us at CU Denver be one of the first to congratulate you, because we know that high school can be a tough journey filled with homework, homecomings, driving lessons, and more homework. You are nearing the end of your high school journey and reading this post because you are starting to think about your next journey: COLLEGE.

One of the biggest parts of starting your college journey is filling out those college applications. They can be daunting, but we want this process to be extremely easy for you so that you can enjoy that last homecoming dance and football game (and of course more homework). Let us do this step by step with you:

1. Fill out our online application.

2. Pay the $50 non-refundable application fee.

3. Send your score – ACT or SAT (don’t worry, we take both!) – to Undergraduate Admissions and K-12 Outreach.

  • ACT code: 0533
  • SAT code: 4875
  • Mailing address
    CU Denver
    Undergraduate Admissions and K-12 Outreach
    Campus Box 167
    PO Box 173364
    Denver, CO 80217

4. Have your high school counselor send us an official transcript to Undergraduate Admissions and K-12 Outreach (address was conveniently placed in the step above).

That is it! You may be asking yourself, “What about an application essay?” Well, at CU Denver we do not require an essay for your application. So unless you feel the need to impress us with your awesome writing skills, there is no need to submit an essay… we are pretty sure that you have enough essays coming up.

Also, be sure to from time to time, just to be sure everything is moving along.

See! That isn’t so bad, is it? After you complete the application process noted above, go out and enjoy your senior year in high school, because it is worth enjoying!

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Mel – Senior Biology Student at CU Denver