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CU Denver

Going to college can be a rite of passage these days. For some, it is the time that they come out of their shell and have a little fun. For others, it might be a reality check or simply a time to figure out what you want to do with your life. Some go on to be entrepreneurs and some go on to be cardiac surgeons. Colleges can lead you to huge opportunities – and CU Denver is no different.

Your opportunities can come from anywhere! They can come from befriending a professor, or from a work study job. They can come from an internship, or they can come from an undergraduate research position. Opportunities are everywhere at CU Denver, you just have to be willing to look for them. This is not high school anymore. This is your time to gather all that education and use it to your advantage instead of having people tell you what you need to do.

I came to CU Denver as a transfer student from Wisconsin.  A booming city right on the edge of the mountains with opportunities everywhere you look, for me it was pretty obvious to transfer to Denver. CU Denver as an institution is attached to the largest medical campus in the Rocky Mountain region, with national rankings to bolster its large stature. How would CU Denver not be an obvious choice for a pre-pharmacy student?

But, after taking a couple of different chemistry classes, I realized that pharmaceutical sciences may have not been the correct choice for me. I talked to professors and TAs and narrowed down my future to either bioinformatics or physical therapy. I liked biology and math so bioinformatics seemed like a logical choice but physical therapy seemed like a fun profession with many branches. I did not know which to choose!

Luck had its way and I tore my MCL while pretending to be Michael Jordan. I came down wrong after taking it to the hoop – seriously embarrassing, and needed physical therapy to help heal. Aside from the pain that I endured with the knee injury, I LOVED the profession of physical therapy. After my knee was healed, I took advantage of my networking skills that I gained and the information from professors and TAs and decided to intern with the same clinic.

I took advantage of my professors’ advice, had some dumb luck, and found an opportunity here at CU Denver. You can do the same at CU Denver, but you need to take control of your situation and find those opportunities – trust me, they are out there!

Mel – Senior Biology Student at CU Denver

October 19, 2013 | Admissions, Uncategorized