What is the Experiential Learning Center?

CU Denver

CU Denver is not your average university. If you’re looking for a unique college experience, this is the place for you. Sure we have a variety of degree options, a state-of-the-art campus and leading instructors, but one major thing that sets us apart from other major universities is our Experiential Learning Center.

What is the Experiential Learning Center? Well, according to our website, “The Experiential Learning Center at CU Denver works closely with students, faculty, employers and community partners to provide quality experiential learning opportunities that enhance academic learning, integrate theory and practice, and promote professional development and activate citizenship.”

That’s a pretty good definition, but the ELC is so much more than that. To put it in simpler terms, the ELC is where you go to gain hands-on experience and connect with top businesses in the city. How do we do this? One way is through internships.

All college students need to complete a few internships during their academic journey. By getting an internship, you will learn about a career field from the inside, which helps you decide if it’s the right field for you. Internships are not only a great way to meet future employers, but also a great way to develop new skills, gain knowledge and build confidence in your own abilities.

The Experiential Learning Center includes a variety of activities with one common goal – to immerse students in hands-on learning outside the classroom where your experience is at the heart of the learning process. Learn more about the ELC here.