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Karin Hunter-Byrd selected as an Outstanding Advising Administrator

Karin Hunter-Byrd, director of the Office of Advising and Student Services at the College of Arts & Media, has been selected as an Outstanding Advising Administrator Certificate of Merit recipient from the NACADA The Global Community for Academic Advising as part of the 2015 Annual Awards Program for Academic Advising.

This award is presented to individuals who have demonstrated qualities associated with outstanding academic advising administration. Academic Advising Administrators includes those individuals who may provide direct academic advising services but whose primary responsibility is as an administrator or director of an academic advising program.

Since 1983, NACADA has honored individuals and institutions making significant contributions to the improvement of academic advising.  The goal of NACADA is to promote quality academic advising and professional development of its membership to enhance the educational development of students.

NACADA’s membership has grown to over 10,000 faculty, professional advisors, administrators, counselors, and others in academic and student affairs concerned with the intellectual, personal, and vocational needs of students.  In addition, NACADA is the representative and advocate of academic advising and those providing that service to higher education.

Karin Hunter-Byrd will be honored and presented with this award in Las Vegas, NV during the NACADA Annual Conference this fall.

*This article was originally posted in the CU Denver Newsroom. Read the original article here.

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Hans Rosenwinkel: Adventurer, Explorer, Filmmaker, Professor

Last year Hans Rosenwinkel, CU Denver’s College of Arts and Media Associate Professor in the Department of Theater, Film, and Video Production, co-produced, filmed and edited Xpedition China: Search for Shangri La in association with the production company, Breakwater Entertainment. The new television series gave insight to China’s untouched beauty, from the Terracotta Warriors to Pandas in the wild. The series was aired worldwide with three major global networks including Discovery Velocity network in the USA, CCTV-China, and National Geographic International.

Rosenwinkel was allowed unprecedented access in China and is thinking bigger for the continuation of the series to be shot in other exotic locations across the globe. Rosenwinkel is no stranger to world travel. Prior to his project in China, Rosenwinkel has traveled everywhere from the Siberia border to film the Ice Festival down to the tropics to film indigenous people. It’s a challenging kind of filmmaking, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Back at CU Denver’s College of Arts and Media, you can find Rosenwinkel in the classroom teaching a variety of courses from introductory film to advanced editing. His experience as a writer, producer and editor keeps him fresh in the industry, which he then brings to his students.

“I know how stuff works, what the business expects, and what [students] need to know to progress in the industry,” stated Rosenwinkel.

Rosenwinkel’s most recently finished work is a documentary called The Current which is airing nationwide on EPIX. He co-directed, wrote, filmed, and edited the story which is based on the healing powers of the ocean. The Current has been selected for multiple film festivals including the Boulder International Film Festival. Rosenwinkel is just one of the many highly-accredited faculty members teaching here at CAM.

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Featured CU Denver Professor: Joann Brennan

CU Denver’s College of Arts and Media Professor Joann Brennan was recently chosen to exhibit her work in the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s newest exhibition, “The Singing and The Silence: Birds in Contemporary Art.”

The power and beauty of the photographic image lies in its ability to convey a story, to incite inspiration or impact understanding all captured in the moment that the artist chooses to release the shutter. Nowhere is that story more compelling or relevant to our modern lives than in the work of Joann Brennan. Brennan has been recently selected as one of only 12 artists to share her story in the Smithsonian’s newest exhibit, “The Singing and the Silence: Birds in Contemporary Art,” where her work stands out in its ability to convey the fragile relationship that exists between humans and nature.

Far from a black and white criticism of human interference, Brennan’s photography focuses on the intimate codependence between people and nature. “In the beginning, I had no idea about the extent to which we manipulate wildness. People think we should step back and let wildness be, holding on to a romantic view of what wildness is… but through making this work, I know that our impact on the environment is so significant that if we step back we’ll lose it,” says Brennan. “We have the power to completely eliminate a species, and we have the power to bring a species back from the edge of extinction. We are constantly testing, learning, and adapting in an effort to create a balance between human concerns and wildness. And the reality of it is that the balance is human-made and precarious.”

Learning is a key component of Brennan’s work throughout the six photographs featured at the Smithsonian and through her work on the “Managing Eden” series, which Brennan has put together over the past 24 years.

Brennan’s work as a photographer has had far reaching impact and she has earned numerous accolades along the way, including prestigious fellowships with both the Smithsonian and the Guggenheim, but even more impressive has been the impact she has had across her many years as a CAM Professor and Administrator. In her 16 years as a faculty member and her current role as Associate Dean she has certainly played a major role in taking CAM to the next level. Brennan has been selected to lead academic program development and support the building of mutually beneficial relationships between educational programs, from all four CU campuses, and South Denver’s business communities in her new role as Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at CU’s South Denver location. But even with her new responsibilities and the national spotlight on her creative work, Brennan continues to remain focused on CAM and excited about the prospects ahead. “With the addition of our terrific new Dean and new initiatives underway, it is a great time to be a part of CAM,” she concludes. “I am very excited about the future of CAM, as our talented and experienced faculty, staff and administrators are focused on building innovative educational programs and creative opportunities from which our entrepreneurial students can launch exciting careers. I am grateful to have the opportunity to help the college grow.”