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Ace Your First Test

At CU Denver, we strive to provide an atmosphere that contributes to your success. We know test taking can be stressful so we have created this list of tips to help you ace your first test and make sure your semester is off to a good start.


Take Notes

The easiest and fastest way to take notes is to use your laptop. You can type way faster than you can write and this is helpful with professors who speak quickly. Turn off the internet, so as not to get distracted and charge up your computer. Using bullet points will keep everything in order to ensure you get all of the pertinent details.


Study Groups

Studying with fellow classmates is a great way to compare notes and ask questions about things you didn’t quite understand in class. Register at The Student Resources Center to find the perfect study group.


Take the test the right way

After all of the studying, and test day has arrived, make sure you arrive early, read all of the directions and review it all before turning it in.


Keep in mind that even if you don’t ace the first test, your grade is not doomed. Try talking with your professor about how to better prepare next time and keep an eye out for tutors.

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Use Your Student Discount this Summer

What’s that? You thought your student ID just got you into the computer lab and dining hall? That little piece of plastic you’ve been wearing around your neck is actually quite valuable and can get you all sorts of discounts around town. Stores and restaurants all around campus not only want your business but know that college students are usually on a fixed budget, so why not go to your favorite shop today and ask them what deals are available?

Sometimes, discounts are not just limited to food and clothing, many tech companies offer deals to college students to help them out with needed computer equipment. Apple Inc, for example, gives college students a $200 discount on laptops both online and in stores. RadioShack (yes, they still exist) and Best Buy offer similar deals to help curb the cost of those expensive but essential electronic items.

Your student ID can even help with non-school related items like discounts to membership program deals. If there are nights that you would rather kick back and watch a movie than study, set up an Amazon Prime membership and use your student ID number to get a deal as high as half off the regular price.

Do the research and find out how much money your student ID can save you! Happy Summer savings!

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Grads Pay It Foward

By Brennyn Hoose

When the CU Denver senior class gathered for commencement at the end of the semester, they weren’t just individuals anymore. They become part of something bigger than themselves—alumni of the university. Now, graduates have the opportunity to use that strength in numbers to provide for the future students of the university.

For the first time in CU Denver’s history, the university is providing graduates with the chance to contribute toward a senior class gift. By donating money toward school programs and scholarships, graduating seniors can leave knowing that they’ve paid it forward to future generations.

STAT, which stands for “Students Today Alumni Tomorrow,” a new program on campus that creates a relationship between alumni and current students, is promoting the senior gift. Working with STAT, graduating seniors decided to make their gift to the1000 MORE Scholarship fund. This scholarship hopes to provide a thousand more CU Denver students opportunities to follow their dreams.

Contributors are encouraged to give $20.15 in honor of the graduating year, but can give less or more, depending on what finances allow. “If every student donated $20.15, we would have so many more scholarships to give out next year,” said Maggie Linn-Addison, associate director of the Fund for CU. “It helps that next generation, and builds a tradition of giving back.” Students are not required to give to the 1000 MORE Scholarship. They can choose to give anywhere on campus, from specific departments to particular scholarships

Through the university’s phone-a-thon and appearance at campus events, the senior class gift is hovering at around 20percent participation, with a total of 261 gifts, and more than $4,700 contributed. Students who donate are rewarded with a blue cord to wear at the commencement ceremony, as well as the knowledge that they provided future students with opportunities to get an education.

The goal of the senior class gift is not just to raise funds for scholarships but to also bring together the graduating class and celebrate the act of giving. To participate, visit the CU Foundation to learn how to donate online.

*This article was originally posted in CU Denver’s Newsroom. Read the original article here. 

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Land a Job after College

Spring graduation is rapidly approaching! It’s time to start applying for your dream job. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Perfect Your Resume
Make sure your resume is updated and lists all of your current skills and accomplishments. List skills that are relevant to the type of career you want to pursue. If you’re interested in several fields, make a couple different resumes and send them out accordingly.

Create an Online Presence
Employers want to do some research on you and vice versa, so create an online presence with a LinkedIn profile. Even if your profile is less than robust, make sure you have a place where you can list your skills, accolades, and career ambitions. Most students worry about what their future employers may find online, but take control by creating a professional image. Don’t worry about your Facebook page, that’s not what employers want to find. If you want to stand out among all the other graduates, make sure you sign up for sites that employers prefer.

Find a Mentor
Advice from blogs and web pages can only go so far. If you need some true guidance on what to do after college, seek out someone whom you admire and who has the experience to guide you. Think beyond your past bosses and professors and find someone who has modeled their life the way you’d like to see yours go. Pastors, coaches, and family members were there for you in the past and can offer valuable inside moving forward.

Visit the CU Denver Career Center
A great way to jump-start your career is to visit the Career Center here on campus. The CU Denver Career Center is a valuable resource for students with a job board, career fairs, position recommendations and more.