Asian Student ALLIANCE

CU Denver is full of many different student clubs and organizations, ranging from faith based to academic based clubs. Opportunities to network and connect with people are always just around the corner. My experience is joining Asian Student ALLIANCE (ASA) at CU Denver. Striving to be a resource for students at the Auraria Campus, ASA focuses on making the transition from high school into college as smooth as possible, making sure you do well in college to ultimately make sure you excel in your future career.

Why did I choose to be a part of this organization? I was having a hard time transitioning into a student at CU Denver. Many of my friends, as well as myself, seemed to only be going to class everyday and going right back home. It seemed hard for me to make any friends; I had trouble finding a community to fit into at school. As a member of ASA, not only was I able to find that community, I was able to expand my network in so many different directions. My parents have always told me that I would find my life long friends in college. Not until I joined this organization did I feel I found those friends, and more. Asian Student ALLIANCE is like a second home/family for me here at CU Denver.

The days of just going to class and work was not enough for me. Thanks to ASA those days no longer exist. Being an active member for three years, I am now a Co-President of the organization. My role includes helping students who are in the same place I was three years ago. I have gotten the opportunity to network, learn to communicate effectively, build my presentation skills, and most importantly how to manage time. Being a full-time student, an employee and a club officer has prepared me more than I would have been without joining Asian Student ALLIANCE.

Jeff – Double Major: Business Marketing and Management at CU Denver