Campus Safety

College or University Campus Emergency Call Station Sign

The most important thing for all of our students and staff is to feel safe on campus. Here at the University of Colorado Denver, we take extra precautions to create a positive environment for everyone. Safety is important to us because we want our visitors to feel comfortable, our faculty and staff to enjoy coming to work, and our students to reach their full potential without extra worry or concern.

CU Denver’s police department along with other people and policies work to provide a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Do not hesitate to contact someone if you have a concern. This may include being locked out of your dorm, having car problems, dealing with a break-in or stolen goods, or sexual assault.

Campus police is our main security enforcement, however there are other measures in place to ensure safety. Take notice of emergency buttons in the city so that you do not need to hesitate when you may need one. The Denver police is in place for your protection when you are off campus. On campus, remember that students can reach out to RAs and counselors for help.

At CU Denver, we place great importance on safety. Security measures are in place to be used when needed. To report or request 24/7 service for a crime, suspicious person, fire or hazardous materials spill, or medical or any other emergency, call 911 from any campus telephone or 303-724-4444 from your cell phone to be connected to University Police. For non-emergency service or questions, please call 4-4444 from any campus phone or 303-724-4444 from your cell phone.



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Attending an Out-of-State School v. In-State School

Some students know right away if they want to travel for school or stay close to home, but for many, it’s a difficult decision. The location of a school is just one aspect to consider, but it can ultimately influence your future. Check out our pros and cons for in-state and out-of-state schools.

In-State Pros

  • Additional Financial Aid – save yourself from the burden of large loans after graduation by choosing a school that offers tuition breaks for state residents
  • Family Support – it will be easier to see family or friends from home when things start to feel overwhelming
  • Reputation – if you’re considering a job in your home state after graduation, employers will recognize a school close to them and most likely have hired many students from these colleges in the past

In-State Cons

  • Less Academic Variety – when you only consider close schools, you might miss out on the major you’re most interested or talented in because it simply isn’t offered in-state
  • Too Comfortable – you may not be inclined to reach out to new people or try different things because you will have old friends and routines to fall back on
  • Harder to Stand Apart – it might take some time to find what sets you apart from other students who share the same home state and even home town

Out-of-State Pros

  • More Opportunity – moving to a place that has more resources and a higher population means more networking and experience opportunities
  • Larger Independence – learn what it’s really like to live on your own and become more comfortable doing so in the future when you land your dream job
  • Explore a Totally Different Environment – living out-of-state gives you the rare chance to immerse yourself in a different culture and way of life

Out-of-State Cons

  • Far From Home – you wouldn’t be able to see family or friends from home whenever the feeling strikes and might feel lonely
  • Higher Expenses – out-of-state tuition can be more expensive and you won’t have the choice to live at home to save money
  • Moving In and Out – shipping belongings and buying plane tickets or gas can get expensive and tiring when you have hundreds or even thousands of miles to travel back home

Though making the decision to stay in-state or move out-of-state for college may seem daunting, figuring out what is important to you compared to what each experience can offer is the first step to a great choice.

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The Benefits of Attending an Urban University

Starting college is an exciting opportunity to explore new things and try out a different environment. An urban area is the perfect destination because of all it has to offer.

Because cities generally have more resources, you can visit multiple museums (such as the Denver Museum of Nature & Science or the Denver Art Museum), meet with field experts who are often in town or even live in the area, and do some investigation on your own, all for a class project (or just because you can!). Imagine how much more exciting and interesting writing a research paper would be with all of these resources at your fingertips.

A city’s ability to draw an abundance of talent and expertise is not only convenient for academics, but also personal interests. A city like Denver draws national tours and distinguished speakers all the time – you have the opportunity to see some of your most-loved musicians, performers, speakers, researchers, and more, as well as discover a few new favorites! The Pepsi Center and Paramount Theatre host some of the best.

When a place like Denver can attract such a wide array of visitors, you can bet the residents themselves come from many different walks of life. Learning new perspectives and ideas doesn’t have to happen strictly in the classroom. In fact, it can be just as enriching, if not more so, to simply interact with people of different backgrounds and opinions. Because the city attracts a variety of different people, it has some of the best hangouts like Union Station and the 16th Street Mall.

A good way to become more involved in city life is to pursue an internship. In our day and age, an internship in any field is beneficial and can lead to a job after graduation. While internships can be hard to come by in small towns, the city sustains plenty of businesses that are happy to accept students into their internship programs and have done so many times before. As such, you will be sure that you will gain valuable experience in the field you are interested in.

Living in a city will enhance your college experience on every level and provide you with even more opportunity to grow as a person. CU Denver’s campus is in the heart of the city, integrating high level academics with real world experience and adventure. Apply today!

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Explore Study Abroad

Part of a complete education and college experience is learning about and embracing different cultures. The University of Colorado offers a multitude of options for students to study abroad and travel the world. Find the perfect program for your area of study and learn from your international peers.

The University of Colorado Denver Semester in Beijing program offers students the ability to learn at the International College Beijing where Chinese and American students are taught together in English. The program is geared towards Economics and Communication majors, however, a plethora of other courses are offered as well. China is the perfect destination for study abroad as its economy, politics, and influence are quickly growing.

If business students are looking for a shorter program, CU Denver offers Maymesters in China, London, and Ireland.

As a joint-venture between the University of Colorado Denver and the Ecologic Institute in Berlin, students can spend a semester in Germany studying sustainability. The program has two pillars, the first, academic and the second, an internship and research component. Based on their interest and background, students are placed in an internship with the Ecologic Institute or with another environmental group in Berlin.

Students in the College of Architecture and Planning can spend the summer in Turkey studying growth management, economic planning, urban design, and historic rehabilitation. The teaching studio gives students real life experience on planning in the face of tourism development pressures. Architecture students also have the option to study in Nicaragua, Rome, or Denmark.

The College of Arts and Media offers students the ability to study International Music Technology or International Music Business in London for a Maymester. The music industries in the United States and England are closely tied, so students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the differences. Also offered are opportunities to study Design in Scandinavia and Photography in Florence.

These are just a few of CU Denver’s offerings for study abroad opportunities. The university is proud to be able to support students in a variety of majors and areas of interest. For a complete list of programs and more information, be sure to check out the Office of International Affairs page at