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University Love: 10 Ways to Support Your School

University pride is huge here at CU Denver! One way to get a better experience out of our college is to get involved and immerse yourself in the campus culture. Here are 10 ways you can support your school beyond financials:

  1. Clubs – Chances are your school has many clubs that extend school presence beyond the classroom. CU Denver has more than 120. Getting involved is an excellent way to support you school and get the most out of your time there!
  2. Student Government – Being involved in student government is another way to become very actively involved in the well-being of your school. You’ll have a better awareness of students’ connection with your school and how you can improve upon it.
  3. Performance Events – Going to a comedian’s show your school is hosting or the drama department’s production of Fiddler on the Roof is an entertaining way to support your school. Not only are you representing your school when you show up, but you’re participating in the school’s culture outside of the classroom.
  4. Free Stuff – Snag that cupcake on your way to class, throw the frisbee around the quad, wear your free t-shirt with pride. There’s a reason your school gives away free stuff: so you’ll use it!
  5. Wear School Colors – Whether you’re rocking black and gold, or your own school’s colors, it’s a sure way to promote school spirit and contribute to your school’s identity.
  6. Social Media – Follow your school’s social media and share, favorite, and tag them. Real-time updates from your school will keep you more in touch with what’s going on. Interacting with your school’s posts directly connects you to your school.
  7. Volunteer Events – Volunteering through your school whether it’s a one time thing or an ongoing commitment is a great way to represent your school. Taking time out of your day for others will help you to get more in tune with school culture.
  8. Alumni Events – Meeting alumni and representing your school can help you bridge the gap between school pride in the present and the future. Schools that have a strong alumni network stand out and represent themselves beyond campus.
  9. Networking Events – Your school most likely hosts networking events on and off campus throughout the semester. Don’t pass these by! Use them as an opportunity to represent yourself within your school and bolster respect within the professional community.
  10. Attitude – Every school has a certain attitude they promote through their students whether their focus is on leadership, inclusiveness, academic achievement, or anything else they view as an important standard. Being aware of the attitude your school promotes and representing it through your actions is a sure way to promote school pride.

Get the most out of your college experience by immersing yourself in school pride. There are plenty of ways to stay involved and informed throughout your years in school and beyond!

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Get Involved with Student Organizations!

Student involvement on campus not only enhances the community of CU Denver, but gives students an additional layer of education. Students gain friends, skills and experiences through involvement in a variety of clubs. Getting involved at the University of Colorado Denver is easy! Here’s a highlight of just some of the students organizations offered on campus:

CU Denver Pre-Law Society

The CU Denver Pre-Law Society is open to all students either interested in law or pursuing careers in the legal field. The goal of the organization is to expand students’ knowledge of law and legal issues by offering events and community. The society regularly hosts events with guest speakers working in public policy, law enforcement, and the legal field. Meetings are bi-weekly. President: Adam Gerken (

CU Denver Marketing Club

The CU Denver Marketing Club is open to all students interested in marketing. The goal of the club is to connect current undergraduate and graduate marketing students to marketing professionals in the Denver metro area. Events are planned with networking in mind, giving members the chance to meet other students interested in marketing as well as marketing professionals. Their facebook page can be found at President: Hung Le (

Bright by Three

Bright by Three is an organization the provides parents and caregivers a three-step program for their baby’s first three years of life – the period of time in which 85% of a baby’s intellect, personality, and social skills are developed. Students are encouraged to volunteer and give back to their community. For more information, visit

UCD Photography

UCD Photography is open to students interested in the photographic medium. The goal of the group is to extend learning outside of the classroom and provide opportunities to apply photographic knowledge in authentic experiences. The group hosts critiques and professional workshops, attends conferences related to the medium, and holds photography galleries. They meet once a semester. President: Alexandria Tomme (

Veterans Student Organization

The Veterans Student Organization provides a community and resource network for the growing population of over 1,500 veterans, dependents, and affiliated students at CU Denver. The goal of the organization is to foster continued interest in higher education and advocate on behalf of CU Denver students to university staff, faculty, and other students. The group meets monthly. President: James Bakalik (

CU Denver Biology Club

The CU Denver Biology Club is open to students interested in life sciences. The goal of the club is to serve as a bridge between the faculty of the Integrative Biology Department and the student body. They provide recreational, educational, and philanthropic opportunities to their members and meet monthly. President: Chloe Sanders (

CU Denver Disk Golf

CU Denver Disk Golf is open to students of all skill levels interested in disc golf. Their purpose is to grow the sport throughout Colorado and help players achieve their athletic goals. Although disc golf is primarily an individual sport, the group looks to focus on the team aspect through the national collegiate disc golf governing body in team sanctioned events. Practices are Tuesdays and Fridays. Check out their facebook page for more information:

President: Derek Merchant (

CU Denver Club Sports

CU Denver is Loaded with Campus Events!

As you may know, CU Denver is in the heart of downtown Denver. As you can imagine there are a TON of things to do in Denver, but what is there to do on campus? One of the best things about college is that there is usually something cool to do on campus and CU Denver has cool things going on throughout the year!

One of the cool things that CU Denver does on campus every fall is the Annual Block Party. CU Denver closes Lawrence Street between 14th and 15th Streets in the downtown corridor. You can do anything like enjoy live music on a big stage (and if you’re good they might let you perform!) or win some free gear from local companies. There is great food from the awesome food truck vendors, and a sweet zip-line! Yes, you read that correctly, you can do a little zip-lining in the downtown jungle of Denver. This past year’s party had a 70’s flashback theme to help celebrate the University’s 40th Anniversary!

In the middle of each semester, (fall and spring) we have what is called the Fall Fest and the Spring Fling. There are all kinds of things going on during these events. There are contests, games, food trucks, free giveaways, and more food trucks. (I am a big fan of food trucks if you haven’t gathered!) Another benefit of the Fall Fest and the Spring Fling is that a large number of student clubs and organizations are there for sign-ups and other activities. So if you would like to learn more about certain clubs and organizations, including our very own Student Governments, this is a great time to break out of your shell and join the CU Denver community.

A lot of students wonder if we have any sports on campus, and the answer is YES! We are across the street from the Pepsi Center, where the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche and Colorado Mammoth play; and a short walk from Sports Authority Field at Mile High where the Denver Broncos and Colorado Outlaws play; we now officially have Club Sports at CU Denver!

You can join a team and even start up a new team if you think that CU Denver needs a new sport. We even have events that center around our teams. Every year our CU Denver Club Hockey team plays one of their games at the Pepsi Center and afterwards students can watch the Colorado Avalanche play!

There are plenty of events that go on at CU Denver for students to enjoy, as you can see! I only covered some of the more popular events but you can see upcoming events on the Student Life page of our website.

At CU Denver, you can Learn with Purpose and have fun at the same time!

Mel – Senior Biology Student at CU Denver