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University Love: 10 Ways to Support Your School

University pride is huge here at CU Denver! One way to get a better experience out of our college is to get involved and immerse yourself in the campus culture. Here are 10 ways you can support your school beyond financials:

  1. Clubs – Chances are your school has many clubs that extend school presence beyond the classroom. CU Denver has more than 120. Getting involved is an excellent way to support you school and get the most out of your time there!
  2. Student Government – Being involved in student government is another way to become very actively involved in the well-being of your school. You’ll have a better awareness of students’ connection with your school and how you can improve upon it.
  3. Performance Events – Going to a comedian’s show your school is hosting or the drama department’s production of Fiddler on the Roof is an entertaining way to support your school. Not only are you representing your school when you show up, but you’re participating in the school’s culture outside of the classroom.
  4. Free Stuff – Snag that cupcake on your way to class, throw the frisbee around the quad, wear your free t-shirt with pride. There’s a reason your school gives away free stuff: so you’ll use it!
  5. Wear School Colors – Whether you’re rocking black and gold, or your own school’s colors, it’s a sure way to promote school spirit and contribute to your school’s identity.
  6. Social Media – Follow your school’s social media and share, favorite, and tag them. Real-time updates from your school will keep you more in touch with what’s going on. Interacting with your school’s posts directly connects you to your school.
  7. Volunteer Events – Volunteering through your school whether it’s a one time thing or an ongoing commitment is a great way to represent your school. Taking time out of your day for others will help you to get more in tune with school culture.
  8. Alumni Events – Meeting alumni and representing your school can help you bridge the gap between school pride in the present and the future. Schools that have a strong alumni network stand out and represent themselves beyond campus.
  9. Networking Events – Your school most likely hosts networking events on and off campus throughout the semester. Don’t pass these by! Use them as an opportunity to represent yourself within your school and bolster respect within the professional community.
  10. Attitude – Every school has a certain attitude they promote through their students whether their focus is on leadership, inclusiveness, academic achievement, or anything else they view as an important standard. Being aware of the attitude your school promotes and representing it through your actions is a sure way to promote school pride.

Get the most out of your college experience by immersing yourself in school pride. There are plenty of ways to stay involved and informed throughout your years in school and beyond!

Everything You Need to Know About On-Campus Housing

Living on-campus is a great way for stFemale student studying in her dormitoryudents to get to know the area, as well as their fellow classmates! Dorm life places you in a building with students from all over the country that are starting their college careers, just like you. Here are some tips to make the best of on-campus:

  1. Think about what really matters when you pick a dorm – If you’ve decided on a major, living closer to that department might help you be on time for your classes. If your goal is to stay fit throughout the year, living near the gym or track can encourage you to work out. If you have other friends living on campus that you plan on visiting often, consider picking a room within their dorm or close so that you don’t have far to walk if you stay late into the night.
  2. Rooming with your bff might not be the best – While there are potential benefits to living with your best friend, it is likely you’ll run into problems that aren’t easy to work out. Boundaries could be harder to set because your friendship will take precedence over your roommate status. You’re friends because he or she is super fun, but what happens when they’ve invited people to hang out in your room every day of finals week? If you’re considering rooming with a friend, make sure you’re aware of their living habits and how comfortable you’d be if they won’t compromise on something.
  3. Get to know your floormates – Keep your door open when you’re there, especially the first few weeks of the year, to encourage people to drop in and start a conversation. And when other floormates leaves theirs open or hang out in the common room, invite them to a meal! Going to the dining hall or exploring outside of campus can be the perfect icebreaker.
  4. Loft your bed – Consider lofting your bed when you move in so that you can add extra storage underneath or even set up a futon to make your room more social. When you have the extra space, it’ll make it that much easier to find what you need in the morning or invite extra people over for Monday movie night.
  5. Get to know your RA – Knowing your RA can make your dorm living experience exponentially better. They will be able to help you with any concern and can even give you better check in and out times if they’ve been interacting with you throughout the year.
  6. Take note of people’s schedules – It may seem silly at first, but noticing when the bathrooms are busy or when everyone comes back before lunch could save you from having to wait for a shower or a sink to brush your teeth.
  7. Go to floor events – Showing up for floor events will give you facetime with your RA and the other residents on your floor, and when people recognize you, they are much more likely to start a conversation or help when you run out of laundry detergent!

When you live on-campus, there are a variety of opportunities you have to make new friends and make your living situation that much easier and comfortable. Follow these steps to be sure you’re making the most of the experience!

How Your RA Can Improve Your College Experience

iStock_000035113470_LargeYour Residence Assistant can be much more than the person who checks you in and out of your dorm. They are there to help residents with anything you need while living on campus. Remember, they are students too! Here are a few things among many an RA can help with:

  1. Course selection – Your RA goes to classes just like any other student. They may know the ins and outs of a certain department or be able to give you details about a specific professor’s teaching style.
  2. Extracurricular – Are they in any clubs you might be interested in? You could discover an opportunity you didn’t know existed. And now you know at least one person there!
  3. Holidays – Knowing your RA a little better can make it easier to ask for a better check out time when it comes to leaving for break.
  4. Campus events – Chances are, your RA has been through it before. They will be in the know about which events are so popular you may want to get there early, or which ones are not-to-miss experiences.
  5. Dorm selection – When it comes time to pick a room for next year, your RA will be able to give you the real pros and cons of each spot and may know an RA in a different dorm who can give you a tour!
  6. Food – Where can you get some sustenance for a late night study session or the best pick-me-up breakfast the morning after? Your RA probably has the answer.

Whatever your concern, remember to consider your RA. They can help you with a lot more than you might think!

College Students In The Dormitory

11 Roommates You Meet in College and What They’re Studying

The article “11 Roommates You Might Have Your Freshman Year of College” was originally posted on earlier this year and we found it to be pretty hilarious. We went through the list and figured out how these roommates turned out the way they are because of what they are studying.

11. The Oversleeper
The Oversleeper is most likely studying Civil Engineering because let’s face it, you would try to sleep in too if you were up studying until 2 am every night!

10. The Musician
This Singer/Songwriter Music Major has to practice around the clock in order to take their act to a world-class, professional level.

9. The Health Nut 
Because they’re preparing for a career in health, this student works hard at maintaining a healthy lifestyle that they can pass on to their future patients.

8. The 27-Year-Old Canadian Hockey Player
Colorado has some of the best winter sports around, so of course he’s decided to go to the University of Colorado Denver to get his teaching degree. Once he graduates he can pursue his dream of coaching little league.

7. The Party Pooper
Party Pooper? More like exhausted Law Studies student. This poor lady knows what it’s going to take to get into law school and doesn’t have time to mess around.

6. The Hipster
Art History major, need we say more?

5. The Bro
It’s all about networking! This Business Major knows who’s who and has made all the right connections. *high five*

4. The Slob
Sure the room’s a mess, but it’s an organized messed. You see, this Sculpture student has a knack for turning even the most unappealing material into art.

3. The Lightweight
Sure everyone gets excited for their 21st birthday, but Nursing students know that after one to two drinks it’s time to call it a night and head to bed.

2. The Party Animal
Architecture students love a good weekend of dancing, socializing and even extreme sports. Because let’s face it, if you had to stare at renderings all week you would want to blow off some steam too.

1. Your Best Friend
Sometimes you hit the jackpot and end up living with the coolest person on campus – your best friend. This person is usually in the same college studying the same courses as you, but not always!