8 Questions to Ask on a Campus Tour

The campus tour can be extremely influential when deciding which university to attend. Not only do you get to experience the campus first hand, but you can speak with your tour guide, a current CU Denver student, and learn about everything you can’t find online. Take advantage of this opportunity and ask important questions!


  1. What’s the food like in the dining hall and where else do students like to eat?
  2. What do people typically do on the weekends?
  3. Does CU Denver hold campus events and which ones do students like the most?
  4. What is school spirit like? Do a lot of people go to sporting events?
  5. What’s the greek life like on campus? How many students are involved?
  6. How does scheduling work?
  7. Are there on-campus work opportunities?
  8. What is the weirdest campus tradition?

Try to think outside of what you can find on the website when you ask questions on your college tour. Day-to-day concerns like what it’s like to live in the dorms can be just as important to your college experience as knowing how many credits you need to graduate, and your chance to find out awaits you on a tour! Click here to schedule a tour of CU Denver’s campus.

Job Opportunities on Campus

Many students hold part-time jobs both on and off-campus duriWriting down thoughtsng their time at CU Denver. This can help with tuition or give students extra cash for the weekends! At the University of Colorado-Denver we have multiple opportunities for students to work on-campus, getting to know the school and acquiring additional experience.

When working for the school as a student, you’ll take on one of two types of employment: hourly or work-study. To qualify for work-study, students must submit a FAFSA and be awarded money in the form of work-study. They must also be enrolled in at least 6 credits as an undergraduate, 3 as a graduate, or 5 as a professional student.

An on-campus job is a great way to earn extra money, gain experience, and meet new people. Curious about openings? Head over to our student employment page. More information about employment at CU Denver, including contact information, can be found here.


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Scholarship Tips

If you’re worried about paying for college, know that you are not alone and that there are a lot of help options and scholarships. If you’re interested in applying for scholarships, here are some tips to help you nab the perfect one.

Don’t wait

Since the scholarship world is competitive, make sure that you apply for them quickly and often. Use services like and to seek out scholarships that best match your interests and profile. These services will even email you when a new scholarship you qualify for pops up.

Be passionate

When filling out a scholarship application, use language that lets the choosing committee know that you care about getting the scholarship. Tell them where you come from and why this money will be helpful in where you want to go.


Few things can throw a larger spoke in the wheel of a scholarship application than a misspelling or grammar error. Read, re-read and then read again all of your applications before handing them in. Give your application to a friend or family member so they can check it as well. After all, they want you to get this scholarship too!

For more help with scholarships, talk to someone in the CU Denver Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. They have all the information you need about scholarships and offer guidance with the scholarship application process.


CU Denver Admissions

Manage Student Borrowing

Student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt in the U.S., which means more families are aware of the need to keep college costs and borrowing to a minimum.

Our Financial Aid Office is dedicated to helping students achieve their education goals. They are responsible for administering federal, state, and institutional aid, such as grants, student loans, and work-study. At CU Denver, we know that college expenses can really add up, which is why we work hard to help our students pay for college. Borrowing money can be a necessity but managing loans is the tricky part.

Here are a few things you can do while you’re attending school to help lessen the burden of loans.

1. Work closely with an advisor.
The process of applying for and repaying student loans is more confusing than most students are prepared for. Work with an advisor, they will help explain which loans are right for you, which scholarships and aid your qualify for and how to best repay it all back.

2. Keep track of your tuition and spending.
Your freshmen year is the time to get organized. Use Excel spreadsheets, Google Docs or whatever to help you keep track of school costs and spending. Make a list of lenders you are borrowing from, how much the interest rate is on the loan, the lender’s website, log-in information, the total balance and whatever else you think you might need. The reason to get organized so soon in your college career is because it will give you a clear mind of what to expect when you graduate. Staying on track of how much you owe will also help you make decisions later during your college career.

3. Do not borrow for anything other than tuition and school supplies. 
A nice apartment in the city, extra cash for a few nights out, or maybe even new skis – these are things that you should not borrow money for. We understand that once that refund check hits your bank account it looks like the sky’s the limit, but remember that you have to pay all of that back.

Are you looking for more information about student loan repayment options? CU Denver has several resources listed here to assist you.