8 Questions to Ask on a Campus Tour

The campus tour can be extremely influential when deciding which university to attend. Not only do you get to experience the campus first hand, but you can speak with your tour guide, a current CU Denver student, and learn about everything you can’t find online. Take advantage of this opportunity and ask important questions!


  1. What’s the food like in the dining hall and where else do students like to eat?
  2. What do people typically do on the weekends?
  3. Does CU Denver hold campus events and which ones do students like the most?
  4. What is school spirit like? Do a lot of people go to sporting events?
  5. What’s the greek life like on campus? How many students are involved?
  6. How does scheduling work?
  7. Are there on-campus work opportunities?
  8. What is the weirdest campus tradition?

Try to think outside of what you can find on the website when you ask questions on your college tour. Day-to-day concerns like what it’s like to live in the dorms can be just as important to your college experience as knowing how many credits you need to graduate, and your chance to find out awaits you on a tour! Click here to schedule a tour of CU Denver’s campus.


Internships at CU Denver

Participating in a college internship is one of the most beneficial things a student can do. Not only can you add it to your resume, but it gives you real world experience in the field before you’ve earned the degree. Here are five of the greatest benefits to interning:

  1. Experience – The first thing that comes to mind and the reason most people take an internship is the experience. A valuable internship offers insights into a field that you just can’t get by sitting in a classroom, and being able to use your classroom knowledge on the job means you’re more likely to retain it.
  2. Networking – When you intern, you are coming in contact with people who will probably still be in the field when you graduate, meaning that if you make a good impression during your internship, you’re more likely to be offered a job or weighty recommendation later.
  3. Your Resume – Sure, you can type up that you’ve been an intern, but what’s even better is being able to use your experience as a talking point in job interviews. Why just say you’re a hard worker when you can tell the story of how you rose against all odds to complete a project before the deadline and impressed your manager.
  4. Confirmation – You won’t know until you try; an internship will give you the best idea of what your future career will be like. Whether you love your internship experience or not so much, it will get you one step closer to finding your ideal job.
  5. Course Credit – At CU Denver, you can earn course credit for your internship because the learning you do there is just as valuable as the learning you do on campus

Whatever your major is, an internship can be a great learning experience and help you on your way to success. Curious? Click here to learn more about internships at CU Denver.



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How to Choose a Major

Choosing a college major is one of the most daunting decisions students face, after all, it can determine your whole career path! There are many resources to help students determine the right major for them – here are a few you might not have thought of:

  1. Talk to your academic advisor – your advisor is there to be helpful and focus on you! They will have information about previous graduates as well as contacts in the fields that interest you
  2. Reach out to working professionals – after visiting your advisor, talk to people who are currently working in the areas you are considering to get a real perspective
  3. Find current students – ask students how they feel about their major, what their experience in class has been like, and if they’ve completed an internship
  4. Join clubs – college clubs for majors and interests exist to give students opportunities to learn more about the subject and network with other interested students
  5. Consider your core classes – they might seem like an unnecessary burden, but your core classes can actually shed light on a subject you may not have considered otherwise; think about core classes you enjoyed or did well in and go from there

Click a link to learn more about the majors CU Denver offers:

You are not alone. An estimated 50 to 80 percent of college students matriculate without knowing their major. Follow these steps to make a smart decision and start pursuing the right major for you.

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Have You Checked Out Inworks?

Are you into taking risks? Do you like to think outside the box and combine ideas from multiple disciplines? Do you ponder about the world’s most challenging problems and think of new ways to solve them? If you answered yes to any, or all of these questions, check out Inworks.

Inworks is a program here at CU Denver that encourages creativity and offers courses and workshops in design-thinking and problem-solving, rapid prototyping, entrepreneurship and personal development, and global issues including health and education.

The Inworks studio, which resides in a glass-enclosed space on CU Denver’s campus, is full of the latest technology, such as 3D printers, woodworking equipment, computers and more – all there to assist students in team-based collaborative problem-solving, imagination and innovation.

Inworks is open to all current CU Denver students. Maymester and summer classes are filling up quick so make sure to check out the course catalog today. Courses like “Design and Healing Space” “Behavior Design” and “Data Manifestations” are just waiting for you to discover them.

Look for those courses, and many more 2015 Inworks courses in the CU Denver course catalog. Inworks courses can help students think outside the box and come up with new ways to build a better and stronger one. Sign up today!