Attending an Out-of-State School v. In-State School

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Some students know right away if they want to travel for school or stay close to home, but for many, it’s a difficult decision. The location of a school is just one aspect to consider, but it can ultimately influence your future. Check out our pros and cons for in-state and out-of-state schools.

In-State Pros

  • Additional Financial Aid – save yourself from the burden of large loans after graduation by choosing a school that offers tuition breaks for state residents
  • Family Support – it will be easier to see family or friends from home when things start to feel overwhelming
  • Reputation – if you’re considering a job in your home state after graduation, employers will recognize a school close to them and most likely have hired many students from these colleges in the past

In-State Cons

  • Less Academic Variety – when you only consider close schools, you might miss out on the major you’re most interested or talented in because it simply isn’t offered in-state
  • Too Comfortable – you may not be inclined to reach out to new people or try different things because you will have old friends and routines to fall back on
  • Harder to Stand Apart – it might take some time to find what sets you apart from other students who share the same home state and even home town

Out-of-State Pros

  • More Opportunity – moving to a place that has more resources and a higher population means more networking and experience opportunities
  • Larger Independence – learn what it’s really like to live on your own and become more comfortable doing so in the future when you land your dream job
  • Explore a Totally Different Environment – living out-of-state gives you the rare chance to immerse yourself in a different culture and way of life

Out-of-State Cons

  • Far From Home – you wouldn’t be able to see family or friends from home whenever the feeling strikes and might feel lonely
  • Higher Expenses – out-of-state tuition can be more expensive and you won’t have the choice to live at home to save money
  • Moving In and Out – shipping belongings and buying plane tickets or gas can get expensive and tiring when you have hundreds or even thousands of miles to travel back home

Though making the decision to stay in-state or move out-of-state for college may seem daunting, figuring out what is important to you compared to what each experience can offer is the first step to a great choice.