5 Things to Do Before You Choose Your Major

It is more common thanyoung student reading book between the shelves in the library you might think for students to be undecided about their major when they start, or even into their second year! Though it may be tempting to just pick something, take a look at our list of 5 things to do before you decide and you’ll be much more informed and ready to commit:

  1. Look back at your classes – Even classes you took because you had to can tell you something about where your skills and interests lie. Consider each class by how well you did and how much you enjoyed it. Then think about why: was Economics fun because your professor made the best jokes, or was it because you had an unexpected knack for it?
  2. Talk to an advisor – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, advisors can help you with much more than scheduling. Ask your advisor about potential majors and he or she can even get you in contact with another advisor in the department(s) you are considering.
  3. Shadow an upperclassman – Sitting in on a few classes (and maybe even their internship!) with an upperclassman will give you a great idea of what that major really entails. You’ll also have the chance to ask questions and get recommendations. If you don’t know anyone in the major you are interested in, your advisor would be happy to get you in contact with someone.
  4. Talk to your RA – Your RA has gone through the same thing. They may even have experienced a few different departments and majors. Sitting down to talk or even catching them in the common room is a great way to get extra advice.
  5. Do an informational interview with someone in the field – Whether you know someone already or ask your advisor to reach out, doing an informational interview with someone already employed in the field will yield real world answers. Depending on whether you interview over the phone, email, or in person, they might give you insider information, like what the office culture is like or what a typical day for them involves.

Picking your major is very important and deserves extra attention. Following these steps will give you a more clear idea of what you should major in and what kind of job it will get you when you graduate!