University of Colorado Denver March 26, 2015

Your Guide to Internships

Going to classes and learning on-campus is just one part of the college experience. A real world experience at an off-campus internship is another valuable part of landing that dream job. In fact, it’s one of the most important things you can do as a college student! So how do you land your dream internship? First off, establish how much time you have to devote to an internship. Part-time? Full-time? Over your summer break? An internship is a job and you have to be there when you say you can. Many internships are flexible when it comes to your school … Read More

University of Colorado Denver March 15, 2015

College Advice You Need to Hear

Most students entering college know the importance of studying, getting rest and going to class, but here are five pieces of advice you may not have thought of. 1. You can explore Not sure of what you want to major in right away? Then try it all! Take a class you know nothing about, maybe chemistry or literature. If you want to earn outside of the classroom and see the world, look into CU Denver’s Study Abroad Program. 2. Don’t be afraid to take time off Whether for health reasons, an amazing internship opportunity or just a little R&R, it’s … Read More

University of Colorado Denver March 8, 2015

5 Ways College is Different Than High School

Are you a high school senior planning on going into college? If so, congrats! College is an amazing and exciting time in any young person’s life, especially if you’re prepared for how different it is. Here are 5 things that every senior should know about college. 1. Classes are much larger.  Though classes will vary in size, some of the larger ones may have more than 100 students in them. So take good notes and show up early so you can get a good seat. 2. You set your own schedule.  There is no bell in college telling you when … Read More

CU Denver Admissions February 27, 2015

Check it Out! Inworks Open House

You’re invited to an open house! Inworks is a new initiative of the University of Colorado Denver that seeks to create innovative solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems, while training our graduates to be life-long innovators. Inworks offers courses and workshops in design-thinking and problem solving, rapid prototyping, entrepreneurship and personal development, and global issues including health and education. Our courses and program are open to students from every major! Inworks Open House March 3rd – 5th 1:00-5:00PM CU Building Suite 1300 1250 14th St. Denver, CO 80202 Featuring: Tours and demos of our rapid prototyping lab … Read More