University of Colorado - Denver October 20, 2014

Study Abroad Opportunities at CU Denver

The idea of studying abroad is a huge decision and can sometimes seem too overwhelming to do. There are fears such as, what if I don’t make any friends? What if I miss home? How will I afford it? These questions, plus many others, are asked often by our students here at CU Denver. Our Global Education/Study Abroad team in the Office of International Affairs has all the answers students need to feel comfortable studying abroad. When you study abroad, you are giving yourself the opportunity to internationalize your education and your life. This valuable opportunity will help you experience … Read More

CU Denver Admissions Blog October 2, 2014

Real Talk: Emergency Preparedness

As much as we love to talk about how awesome your college experience is going to be, we also want to make sure that you’re prepared for anything that life throws at you, both in and out of class. Now that you’re on your own, it’s important to make sure that you are prepared for anything, even emergencies. Although we have many student resource facilities to help you out like the Health Center, Student Counseling, Police and Security, and more. Taking a few steps now to prepare for an emergency can help you big time in the long run. Here … Read More

CU Denver Admissions September 28, 2014

Cramming for an Exam?

Trying to cram for an exam the night before you need to take it? If so, you’re playing a dangerous game. Studies have shown that if you cram for an exam the information is only stored in your short-term memory and not your long-term memory, meaning you will not get the benefits you’re looking for. But we’re not going to lecture you right now. If you’ve stumbled upon this post you’re most likely stressed out and in desperate need of help. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your cramming. Ditch the textbooks. Your textbook is … Read More

University of Colorado - Denver September 24, 2014

Learn a Second Language

If you’re looking to become a well-rounded student and get the most out of your education here at the University of Colorado – Denver, then we recommend learning a second language. As more and more businesses are going global, knowing a second language will help recent graduates find jobs with global businesses. Think about your future career. Think of companies you see yourself working for in the future. Where are they located? Where are their clients located? For example, China and India are becoming global leaders in big business and technology, so if these are areas that interested you then … Read More