Untitled design (2) June 20, 2016

Sleep v. Grades v. Friends: Finding the Balance

The greatest dilemma of every college student: how do you spend your time? There are three typical things that students choose to devote their time toward: studies, social life or physical health. All of these are important, so here are some tricks to striking a balance: Know what you value most. Since you’re studying at school, you probably place importance on your grades, but prioritising is not as simple as completing your school work or not. You do have a limited amount of time and you most likely want to save some for other things. As a result, you’ll want … Read More

school spirit June 13, 2016

University Love: 10 Ways to Support Your School

University pride is huge here at CU Denver! One way to get a better experience out of our college is to get involved and immerse yourself in the campus culture. Here are 10 ways you can support your school beyond financials: Clubs – Chances are your school has many clubs that extend school presence beyond the classroom. CU Denver has more than 120. Getting involved is an excellent way to support you school and get the most out of your time there! Student Government – Being involved in student government is another way to become very actively involved in the … Read More

Untitled design June 6, 2016

A Timeline for Preparing & Applying to Universities

Staring the application process in the face is intimidating and overwhelming. Universities try to make it easier with simple instructions, but let’s face it, when you have ten schools you’re applying to, nothing is simple. Here is a helpful timeline to keep yourself calm and collected during this busy time. Summer It can never be too early to start and get yourself organized for the upcoming application season. Now is the time to be researching schools you’re interested in whether it’s gathering online information, interviewing current students and alumni, or visiting yourself. Form an organizational system to help decide first … Read More

class scheduling May 23, 2016

Tips & Tricks for Scheduling Freshman Classes

Let’s face it, many times students have no idea what they want or what to expect their freshman year of college. At least 50% of students come in with an undecided major, which can make scheduling classes the first year very difficult. Consider the following tips and tricks before jumping into the scheduling ring. Know Your Goals You may not have everything planned out, and you’re not expected to, but knowing which classes are prerequisites for the ones you’ll want to take down the line or which will fulfill your core requirements will ensure that you’re making the most of … Read More