CU Denver Admissions June 24, 2015

Karin Hunter-Byrd selected as an Outstanding Advising Administrator

Karin Hunter-Byrd, director of the Office of Advising and Student Services at the College of Arts & Media, has been selected as an Outstanding Advising Administrator Certificate of Merit recipient from the NACADA The Global Community for Academic Advising as part of the 2015 Annual Awards Program for Academic Advising. This award is presented to individuals who have demonstrated qualities associated with outstanding academic advising administration. Academic Advising Administrators includes those individuals who may provide direct academic advising services but whose primary responsibility is as an administrator or director of an academic advising program. Since 1983, NACADA has honored individuals and institutions making … Read More

CU Denver Admissions June 22, 2015

College Hack: Organization for Freshmen

Everyone has their own opinions about how to prepare academically for your freshman year of college. You may be prepared for your classes and extra activities but when it comes to living on your own and creating your own schedule, there are some things you just don’t learn in class. Here are some easy organization hacks to help you figure out that other side of college. Color code all of your classes and buy notebooks, pens and textbooks of the same color for a certain subject. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your brain associates a certain color to a … Read More

CU Denver Admissions June 15, 2015

Use Your Student Discount this Summer

What’s that? You thought your student ID just got you into the computer lab and dining hall? That little piece of plastic you’ve been wearing around your neck is actually quite valuable and can get you all sorts of discounts around town. Stores and restaurants all around campus not only want your business but know that college students are usually on a fixed budget, so why not go to your favorite shop today and ask them what deals are available? Sometimes, discounts are not just limited to food and clothing, many tech companies offer deals to college students to help … Read More

CU Denver Admissions blog June 11, 2015

Summer To-Do List Before Your Final Year

Are you ready for the final year of your college journey? Has it hit you yet that this may be the last time you ever use the term “summer break” when referring to the warm months? Sure you’ll still experience the season, but life after college, in the working world, doesn’t stop when the weather gets warm. Here are a few things to do this summer to help you prepare for graduation and the working world. Build your resume All of those classes you just took the last four years were not only just to help you graduate, they were … Read More