Denver July 18, 2016

How to Make the Most of Your Time in Denver

Once you’ve scheduled a visit to our campus, you should take advantage of your time in downtown Denver! As a growing city, Denver has a lot to offer for a day, a weekend or longer. To truly understand what being a student at the University of Colorado Denver is like, you need to experience the city at some of these locations! The Denver Art Museum The Denver Art Museum is home to their world famous American Indian art collection as well as art from around the world. Admission is free on the first Saturday of every month. Denver Union Station … Read More

college tour July 11, 2016

How to Plan a College Tour Road Trip

One of the biggest influences in choosing a college is the campus tour. The tour allows you to not only see campus, but interact with current students and envision what it would be like to join that community. While planning a college tour road trip, try to follow these tips: Start Planning Early Yes, it’s possible to sign up for a college tour the night before, but tours tend to fill up fast, especially during times like spring break. Pick an area with at least a few schools you want to visit and sign up for about two tours a … Read More

College Decision July 4, 2016

Influential Voices in Choosing a University

It is almost impossible to choose a university without getting some advice. Everyone has an opinion on which school would be best for you and which programs fit your needs. Here are a couple of the voices you might want to take into consideration while researching schools: High School Guidance Counselors Guidance counselors know a good deal about different colleges and have gone through the college admissions process with many students before. They also might have direct relationships with college admissions counselors and will be able to connect you with students, professors, and counselors on campus. They’re a great resource … Read More

Untitled design (2) June 20, 2016

Sleep v. Grades v. Friends: Finding the Balance

The greatest dilemma of every college student: how do you spend your time? There are three typical things that students choose to devote their time toward: studies, social life or physical health. All of these are important, so here are some tricks to striking a balance: Know what you value most. Since you’re studying at school, you probably place importance on your grades, but prioritising is not as simple as completing your school work or not. You do have a limited amount of time and you most likely want to save some for other things. As a result, you’ll want … Read More