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Help, I’m Moving!

If you’re a freshman, this might be the first time you will be living on your own, which is really exciting. If you’re like most people though, moving will be one of the most stressful things you do. Here are a few tips to help you smoothly transition to your new home. Only pack the essentials Dorm rooms are very small. Sometimes smaller than the room you had at home, and guess what? You have to share it with another person! Leave large items at home and only pack what is absolutely essential. If you do forget something, you can … Read More

worried-student-ft August 12, 2015

First Day Jitters, What to Expect

While every teacher and every student is different, the first day of classes can make everyone anxious. Here are some things to remember on your first day to help you calm your nerves. Remember, it’s everyone’s first day Every freshman has some sort of first day jitters, so don’t walk in thinking you’re the only one that’s nervous. Everyone is there to meet new people and experience new things so break the ice by going out and introducing yourself to everyone you meet. If you’re at a new school all by yourself, call your high-school friends and see how they’re … Read More

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Before School Starts

Denver is a really cool city, it lands itself on top ten lists consistently year after year and for good reason. Get to know your new city and state before classes take over your schedule. Here are some great places to start. Denver is a booming metropolis with a population of 634,265, that is a 14.4% increase since 2000. The population is young and active – the average age is around 33. Denver gets over 300 days of sunshine per year and the city is known for good food and good fun. How does all that sound?! A short drive … Read More

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Scholarship Tips

If you’re worried about paying for college, know that you are not alone and that there are a lot of help options and scholarships. If you’re interested in applying for scholarships, here are some tips to help you nab the perfect one. Don’t wait Since the scholarship world is competitive, make sure that you apply for them quickly and often. Use services like and to seek out scholarships that best match your interests and profile. These services will even email you when a new scholarship you qualify for pops up. Be passionate When filling out a scholarship application, … Read More