CU Denver July 28, 2014

Back to School Countdown

The 2014 Fall Semester here at CU Denver starts in only four short weeks! Are you ready for classes to begin? Here is a weekly countdown to help you get ready for your semester here in Denver. Four… School starts in less than a month – do you have everything you need? Before you dive into the semester make sure that all of your books have been ordered and you have all the supplies you need. Our campus bookstore will have what you need in case you forget something, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Three… Go over your class … Read More

CU Denver Admissions July 20, 2014

Off to College Checklist

Summer is flying by! Before you know it you’ll joining us at our busy downtown campus balancing your work-study-social lives. Although we don’t want to take away from your summer vacation, it might be time to start packing for college. Packing for college is more than just packing a suitcase full of clothes. You’re on your own now so you need to be able to take care of yourself! Whether you choose to stay in our Student Housing or get an apartment with a few friends, it’s crucial to pack everything you need for the year. Technology Laptop – Duh! … Read More

CU Denver Admissions July 14, 2014

Geek Out Over Chemistry

At CU Denver, our Department of Chemistry offers a minor in chemistry, Bachelor of Science degrees, and Master’s degrees in chemistry. It’s safe to say that here at CU Denver, we love science. Often called the “central science”, a chemistry background is a powerful tool to launch you into your career. A degree in chemistry provides a solid foundation for further study in other related fields such as biochemistry, pharmacology, environmental science, geology and chemical engineering, all of which require a substantial chemistry background. Chemistry also provides a solid background for medicine and related fields such as dentistry and pharmacy. … Read More

CU Denver Admissions July 7, 2014

You Can’t Go Wrong with a CU Business Degree

Still trying to figure out which degree you should get from CU Denver? Why not go with a business degree? A degree from CU Denver is well regarded in the business community. Even before graduation, you have access to the businesses who hire through CU Denver. They know our students and alumni have the skills to get the job done. There are many paths you can take when you get a degree in business. At CU Denver, we educate you in multiple areas of business, including the following. Accounting A bachelor’s degree in Accounting provides the foundation for beginning a … Read More