CU Denver Admissions September 28, 2014

Cramming for an Exam?

Trying to cram for an exam the night before you need to take it? If so, you’re playing a dangerous game. Studies have shown that if you cram for an exam the information is only stored in your short-term memory and not your long-term memory, meaning you will not get the benefits you’re looking for. But we’re not going to lecture you right now. If you’ve stumbled upon this post you’re most likely stressed out and in desperate need of help. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your cramming. Ditch the textbooks. Your textbook is … Read More

CU Denver Admissions Blog September 24, 2014

Real Talk: Emergency Preparedness

As much as we love to talk about how awesome your college experience is going to be, we also want to make sure that you’re prepared for anything that life throws at you, both in and out of class. Now that you’re on your own, it’s important to make sure that you are prepared for anything, even emergencies. Although we have many student resource facilities to help you out like the Health Center, Student Counseling, Police and Security, and more. Taking a few steps now to prepare for an emergency can help you big time in the long run. Here … Read More

CU Denver Admissions September 15, 2014

Online Degrees at CU Denver

Thinking about going back to school but not sure if you have the time? At CU Denver, we know that life can throw curveballs when you least expect it and getting a degree can sometimes fall to the bottom of your priority list. Busy adults need a flexible school schedule, which is why we offer online courses for both campuses. There are a number of University of Colorado Denver accredited online degrees and certificates, ranging from Bachelor programs, Master programs, and Doctorates that can be completed entirely online or a blend of online and on campus. With online courses from CU … Read More

CU Denver South Campus August 18, 2014

Introducing CU South Denver

We’ve been busy this summer. Between summer internships, work study programs, classes, and our new campus building, CU Denver has been working on a new and innovative way for students to get the best college education. This month we’re happy to open the CU South Denver campus expansion. What’s so special about the South Denver campus? We’ve listened to the needs of our students, and it has come to our attention that some programs are in high demand among south Denver residents. Located between our Anschutz Medical Campus and our Denver Campus, the South Denver campus will feature courses in … Read More